I want to work for Goldenvoice! I want to intern for Goldenvoice. Where can I find the info?

Goldenvoice only accepts resumes submitted through our (parent) corporate website located here.  A current listing of available job openings can be found on that page. If none are listed, that means we don’t currently have any openings.  We’re unable to provide any status on applications submitted there.

How do I buy tickets? How do I contact the ticketing company? I'm having trouble buying tickets. Where can I buy tickets? I have a question about my order. I didn't get a confirmation.

There may be several ways to buy tickets depending on the show. Please visit the event information page for the concert you are interested in. Click on the “BUY TICKETS” button to see who is selling tickets for that event.  If you’re asking about a festival, please visit the festival’s website.

The majority of our concerts are sold ONLINE through one of the following ticketing companies. Or it’s best to start at the festival website to see which one is for that particular festival.

AXS  You can contact them for help HERE.
TICKETMASTER You can contact them for help HERE.


* Sometimes you can save a few bucks buying in person too!

* Some venues offer sales through their own box office or a related venue box office, you should check the venue website.  You may even save yourself a bunch of fee’s buying in person!

You can buy tickets shows at THE NOVO at the Crypto Arena Box Office on Tuesdays from 12pm-4pm with NO service fees!

The Box Office is open every Thursday from 12pm-5pm and two hours before doors on event days.  Only $4 fee  per ticket for all shows sold at the Shrine Box Office. (while supplies last)

Open Sundays 11am-4pm selling tickets for WARFIELD, REGENCY BALLROOM, FROST AMPHITHEATER and SOCIAL HALL. Goldenvoice shows (while supplies last) – Only $2 fee per ticket.

Buy tickets to all Goldenvoice events at the El Rey, Fonda, The Novo, The Greek Theatre, Fox Theater Pomona, The Mayan and The Theatre at Ace Hotel.  The Box Office is open every Tuesday from 1pm – 5pm and 2 hours before doors on event days. Only $4 fee per ticket for all shows sold at the Fonda Box Office.  (while supplies last)

How can my band/DJ open for (insert any band name here)?

You’ll have to inquire through the headlining artist/band/manager/agent/label.  They dictate/decide the opening bands.

Hi, I want to review a show or photograph a band at one of your shows! How do I get a media/press pass?

Please email to inquire.

How do I check on my ticket order? How do I get a hold of the ticketing company? Help something went wrong with my order. I need help placing an order. I have an order related question.

The majority of our concerts are sold ONLINE through one of the following ticketing companies, where you likely landed when you clicked on “buy tickets”.  If you don’t recall, simply go back to where you bought them/tried to buy them, click on the buy tickets button and look at what company website shows up in the address bar.

AXS  You can contact them for help HERE.

TICKETMASTER You can contact them for help HERE.

I have a FESTIVAL related question. I have a question about one of your festivals.

You need to visit the festival website.  The festival website has information, contact info, frequently asked questions, etc.  You must go direct.  Visit the festival website.

Why can't I find a show on your website?

Below are a few guesses:

  • No shows are currently scheduled for the venue, date, or band you’re searching for.
  • Goldenvoice only lists an event after all information is confirmed with
    artist management. Events are always listed in time to purchase the day tickets
    are put on sale.
  • Check the proper spelling of the artist, band, or venue. All words
    must be spelled correctly.
  • Make sure there is spacing between your words (i.e. Daft Punk, not daftpunk)
  • Try a different search method. Search by city or zip instead of band
    name or venue.

How can I get the presale password? HELP!

Well, if it’s a Goldenvoice presale, you best have already signed up for our weekly email newsletter.  It goes out every Wednesday morning with whatever presales are happening that day through the weekend.  Sign up HERE.   You can also try stalking our twitter and instagram stories.   We’ve been known to blab passwords out there sometimes.

If it’s a radio station or band’s presale, you’d have to ask them.

What time zone is used for the show time and on sale time?

All dates and times are local.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a concert calendar for shows in my area?

Click here to subscribe to receive our weekly concert calendar email plus alerts for presales, special offers and shows in your hood.

You can unsubscribe from this service at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the concert calendar you receive.

How can I meet the band/contact the band?

Only the band or their manager/agent can arrange that. Did you try asking/looking on their facebook page?

How do I get directions to the show?

Directions for most shows can be found on the venue’s website.   You could also use google maps or any number of the useful driving direction mobile apps.

The show is this week and I don’t have my tickets, I’ve lost them, or they’ve been damaged. What can I do?

Please contact the ticketing company for the show you’re asking about as soon as possible to inquire. Scroll up to the “How do I buy tickets?” question for a list of ticketing company contact info.

For tickets purchased through Artist Fan Club or another organization you should
contact that organization directly for information.

What happens if my show is cancelled or postponed?

Please contact the ticketing company for the cancelled or postponed show to inquire about a refund or exchange.

Scroll up to the “How do I buy tickets?” question for a list of ticketing company contact info.

Check your confirmation email for the name of the ticketing company through which
your tickets were purchased.

My event is outdoors, do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are not currently required for outdoor events in California; however, they are strongly recommended. Please note that events will be presented in accordance with applicable public health conditions as of the date of such event and which may change at any time as determined by federal, state or local government agencies or instrumentalities, artists or the promoter; such requirements may include, without limitation, changes to capacity, attendance procedures and entry requirements, such as proof of vaccination and/or a negative test, and other protective measures.

Can I be asked to leave by event staff / security if I am not wearing my mask indoors and am not eating or drinking?

Yes. Attendees can be asked to leave and be escorted off the event premises should they fail to comply with any event or venue rules.